Volunteer Team

Cielo Azul's New Volunteer Team Web Page
We are so glad to have another means to communicate with parents at the school. Please check the page periodically to stay “plugged in” to all that we have going on at the school. There are so many things to be done and we appreciate all of the time and effort offered by our fabulous volunteers!
Volunteering from Home
Do you have work hours or take care of little ones at home that make it impossible to spend time at the school? Join our “take home” group of volunteers that help out with cut-outs, envelope stuffing, etc. Interested in this behind-the-scenes helping? Give us a call at (505) 688-2455 or email us at cieloazul.volunteers@gmail.com.
Library Volunteers
The library is in need of regular volunteers. Have some time after you drop off your student in the mornings or about an hour before school ends? These times are when there’s the most work to be done…checking books, re-stocking shelves and so much more! Contact Cheryl Kemnitz at (505) 688-2455 or cieloazul.volunteers@gmail.com with a day/time that’s right for you.
Turkey Trot
The Turkey Trot is our biggest fundraiser of the year! Watch for details on how you can help make the event a success!
Haven't volunteered before? Let's get approved!

The District Offices are changing the process for registering volunteers. Here is the information they currently have posted on their site:

Volunteer Requirements
Attention Volunteers! Please go to the district website to learn about how to acquire a volunteer badge.
  • Review the Volunteer Handbook
Check the District website or click here for updates on the volunteer process.