CAE Kids Heart Challenge Info!

KHC Information!
Posted on 04/07/2021

April 15th

  Have you ever seen a little red checkmark on one of your favorite foods? That is kind of like a SPY CLUE to tell you that you are making great choices! There are over 900 heart healthy food items with this mark that are approved by the American Heart Association! Agent KHC reminds us to make healthy choices, and this is an easy way to make sure we are doing that. Download the Kids Heart Challenge app and join our team for more healthy clues and to help us save lives.

Today is DRESS LIKE A PE TEACHER, and tomorrow is COLORFUL DAY!!


Kids Heart Challenge News video:

ACTION:  Download the Kids Heart Challenge app or visit to register under our school and get a jump start working towards our goal to raise $15,748 to save lives and be the #1 school in Rio Rancho!
Students who raise at least $200 will get to SLIME Coach DeFrees or Coach Sanchez!! If you reach $250, you'll get to SLIME a MYSTERY PERSON! Students who get to $300 or more will get to add a GLITTER BOMB to their SLIME for Coach Defrees, Coach Sanchez OR the MYSTERY PERSON!
We know not every family may be able to donate, however, as part of Kids Heart Challenge, every student will benefit from the daily and weekly missions that will teach them about HOW and WHY they need to take care of their hearts. If you can help raise funds, the American Heart Association will put those dollars to work saving lives. Every dollar makes a difference.
Keep a look out for weekly email updates and be sure to check out the KHC Mission Experience and complete the daily missions to practice being a heart hero!
Our school is proud to help the AHA as they are supporting our community in many ways during this pandemic.  Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US and right now 40% of those hospitalized for COVID-19 have heart disease or have had a stroke.  Learn more about the AHA’s COVID-19 response here.