Students from CAE stand in front of their project at the Mission To Mars Link-Up Day Event

"We have engine ignition." That was the phrase of the day for all 5th grade classes at Cielo Azul Elementary School recently. The classes participated in the Mission to Mars event hosted by the AFRL New Mexico. 

Students worked throughout the school year on a culminating STEAM project to colonize mars. The project ended in a Link-Up Day at the Albuquerque Convention Center (see photos). Some of the student projects included creating a mission patch, saga, a life support system to help them survive the harsh conditions of Mars, and creating a habitat made of plastic and duct tape that would house all members of their crew. Once students arrived at Link-Up Day, they were able to visit with other students from Rio Rancho Public Schools and Albuquerque Public Schools to compare projects and become "neighbors" on Mars.

This was such a great STEAM Project and we are so thankful to our partners at AFRL New Mexico. Students from Cielo Azul Elementary, and all the RRPS schools who participated, had such an amazing experience.